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AI: Documentary - "Bitter Sweet AI Symphony"

What impact will AI have on the music industry in the future? This is "Bitter Sweet AI Symphony".

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution. But what impact will AI have on the music industry in the future?

"Bitter Sweet AI Symphony" is a 15-minute radio documentary researched, created and produced by Joshua Coase released on 12th January 2018. Joshua Coase investigates the impact that AI is currently having on the music industry and what it means for the future.

The documentary features high-profile interviews with CEO's and staff from AI music-startup companies including Amper Music and Jukedeck, industry experts and musicians using the software. This includes Taryn Southern, who in September 2018 released the world’s first album to be entirely composed and produced with AI, titled "I Am AI".

In March 2018 the documentary was commissioned and broadcasted by London-based radio station Resonance FM.

You can listen to the documentary below

Read and discover more about Artificial Intelligence's current and future impact on the music industry: AI: Three Companies Leading The Way In The New Music Industry Sector


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