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Notes From The Artist: Introducing Lilla Vargen

Rebekah Lutton, better known as Lilla Vargen is an up and coming singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland who is making waves in the industry in 2017.

Rebekah Lutton AKA Lilla Vargen is certainly ending her 2017 on a high. The singer-songwriter has twice been featured on the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify and has been featured on several prominent YouTube music channels.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Lutton to discuss the release of her debut EP, the response she’s received and her plans for her music career moving forward.

Tell me a little bit about your background. Who were your musical inspirations growing up?

I first got into music when I was really young. I was sent to piano lessons but I didn’t really like them that much, so I stopped and learned to play by ear. My family were very musical as well so I grew up in that environment and that’s how I got into music really.

Mum and Dad both like Roy Orbison and The Beatles. I know everyone says The Beatles but I do really love them! So I listened to a lot of older music but then there was my brother as well who also influenced my taste. I was the youngest in the family so I copied everyone as he liked the Red Hot Chill Peppers, so I liked the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and loads of different inspirations from Whitney Houston to the Arctic Monkeys. It just depended because everyone had such different tastes in music.

"...I’m far more ready now than I was two years ago." - Lilla Vargen

Your first release "This Is Love" was released two years ago. What inspired you to release this as your first single and why have you waited this long to release another record?

Firstly, I can't believe that was two years ago! It was about a relationship that wasn’t that great and I was trying to portray how exhausted I was with it. I was thinking this is love, is it really? When I released that track I’d thrown myself into the deep end a bit because I hadn’t prepared myself for performing live or continually writing things. I needed time to get myself ready for that and get the material under my belt and to get rid of the anxiety that comes from performing live. I’ve done that now and I’m far more ready now than I was two years ago.

Lilla Vargen

You have recently released your Debut EP "Hold On". Would love to hear your thoughts and inspirations that went behind the lyrics of these three wonderful tracks.

"Hold On"

I wrote this track two years ago but I’ve changed it a bit since then as it had just been sitting there for awhile. It didn’t take long to write it but with the time I had it gave me time to refine it. It’s a track about people who are in a relationship that perhaps they shouldn’t be in. It’s a song which discusses being cautious with love, don’t get lost in it because you can then lose sight of yourself. The thing about this track is that people who listen to it probably think that it’s about me but this is about a really close friend of mine. It was only a couple of weeks ago that she found out that it was about her!

"The One Who Truly Loves Me"

Again, it’s a song about relationships but this one is more about the fact that you can depend on some people no matter what happens. So my friends and family will always be there and I think sometimes you can get so upset about things but you have to step back and think this is just one thing that has happened here, with just one person out of billions.


This is a cover of the song by Majical Cloudz. I think it’s nice to mix up my EP by including a track which a lot of people maybe aren’t familiar with. I would say that a lot of people do know this song and the band, who aren’t together anymore but it’s a great track. I just thought it would be nice to put that song in there as something different to the other two tracks. I’ve used this track as a branch for what’s coming next after this EP in a way, so, we went for it and recorded it and decided to put it in to spice things up a bit!

Following the release of this EP, what can we expect next? More new music on the horizon?

I’m just focusing on writing as much as I can right now. I’m not really thinking about an album right now, I think I’ll possibly do another EP and focus on that. I think that’s a nice way to do it, to give everyone a snippet of material each time.

Have you been surprised by people's responses and love for your music?

I’ve been so, so pleased and surprised yeah! I didn’t really think that anyone was going to listen because I get so anxious about things. When you hear that people are listening and are liking it it’s just the best feeling ever! To get the feedback I’ve gotten I’m really surprised because you never know and don’t want to overthink things and set yourself thinking that all these great things are going to happen and then they don’t. So I take it as it comes and it seems to be doing really well so I’m happy!

You can listen to an extended version of this interview and hear some of Lilla’s music here.

Lilla Vargen's "Hold On" is available to stream, download, and buy now.

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