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Music News That Matters Ep #2 | California's Music Economy Set To Collapse?

If you thought that industry news and announcements would be slowing down as we approach the end of the year then you would be mistaken. TikTok is beginning to roll out powerful new features to help monetize your content, meanwhile, California’s music economy could be on the brink of collapse…

Here’s the lowdown and in-depth analysis on the most important industry news stories that you should be aware of.


TikTok Is Testing Out New Social Commerce Features - 00:37 - 14:41

Open-Source AI Tool Spleeter Isolates Vocals/Instruments In Any Song - 14:42 - 20:58

Is California’s Music Economy About To Crash? 20:59 - 30:38

Spotify Needs To Make A Decision About Its Future - 30:39 - 42:01

Instagram Is Now Hiding “Like” Counts For U.S. Users - 42:02 - 44:46

Linkfire Strikes Apple Music Deal - 44:47 - 45:33

Distrokid Users Can Now Easily Claim A YouTube Official Artist Channel - 45:34 - 46:29

You Can Now Pay To Promote Your Music On SoundCloud - 46:30 -47:08

Students Create Localify App That Localizes Spotify Music - 47:09 - 48:48



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