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Pandora’s Diary - "Game for Two": A Music Video That Got A Little Out Of Hand

Travelling the world, collaborating with different musicians, playing music in people's living rooms, watch Pandora's Diary's latest music video.

In a collage of love, loss and letting go across the world, become immersed in the beautiful cinematography in "Game for Two", a new music video from boho folk collective Pandora’s Diary.

Focusing on the universal language of love, this highly relatable story has two music videos with an English version and an Indonesian version of the track. The English version spans across three cities, London, New York and New Orleans. These three locations mark the transitions in relationships, with new found love and harmony for the couple in the cafe in New Orleans, a tale of heartbreak and loss as told by rapper K. Sparks in New York and the two female protagonists in London who are letting go and moving on, burning the past, embracing their freedom.

"Game for Two" is refreshingly different and daring, a crossover between world-folk and hip-hop that works wonderfully in an organic way. A groovy, expressive flute riff as performed by Maya Curry drives the track throughout, with K. Sparks verse in the middle 8 nicely tying in the hip-hop influence as well as the New York element of the narrative.

An idea crafted by lead singer/songwriter Sarah Michel and her good friend Anyalita San aka Guerrilla Tactics, who directed the video, initially started out as a zero budget project. The mission was to film a music video in a rainforest in Indonesia, where Michel had once resided. The vision and direction for "Game for Two" quickly turned into a four-country odyssey as Michel explained: "Back in summer 2014, I was visiting Bukit Lawang, the village I have been visiting and have lived in from time to time since 1996 in North Sumatra on the borders of Gunung Leuser National Park. It is where I truly fell in love with music. Every night the people there jam, playing acoustic versions of covers from traditional music to pop and especially 90s rock!

"On this visit, I met two amazingly gifted guitarists, John Retno and Pandi 'Blues Bear' and they were interested in playing some of my original songs", Michel continued. "We filmed two of the songs on a very homemade video, one of them was Game for Two. I showed the video to my friend Anya, who is an independent filmmaker, who said 'why don't you record this properly and then we'll make a proper music video in Indonesia?'"

With that idea in mind, the plans were in full motion to create the music video. "In February 2015, Anya, my son and I travelled to Indonesia where we spent time filming in Bukit Lawang and surrounding areas of natural beauty and also recorded the guitars and bass for the track", explained Michel. "The rainforest footage was shot by drone activist Rhianna Lakin aka Amelia Droneheart, who was featured in Vice as Human of the Year 2018. Then Anya got in touch with K. Sparks who was excited to feature on the track. This was big for us because K has worked with a number of big names like Kid Cudi and The Pharcyde, and is a bit of an underground legend himself."

The Indonesian counterpart, filmed in Indonesia, Russia, the UK and the US is a music video that acts more like a behind-the-scenes look at Michel and San’s adventures to accompany the Indonesian version of the song titled "Permainan Berdua", also written and performed by Michel.

With the project finally drawing to a conclusion in September 2018 Pandora’s Diary are ready and excited to share this release with the world, a long wait but more than worth it for this well-crafted music video.

You can watch the music video for "Game for Two" by Pandora's Diary below

You can watch the music video for "Permainan Berdua" by Pandora's Diary below

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