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[High Clouds] Augustine Soars After Finding That Special Someone In "A Scent of Lily"

"A Scent of Lily" is the second release from Augustine following his stunning debut in February.

22-year-old Augustine burst onto the scene a couple of months ago with one of the most original and captivating tracks of the year, "Luzon", and now returns with the beautifully poetic "A Scent of Lily".

In this new track, the Swedish singer-songwriter continues to flourish with his own brand of indie pop and also showcases his versatility by opting for a larger, more up-tempo production.

"A Scent of Lily" is incredibly cinematic, opening with an atmospheric synth pad and rhythmic guitar before introducing driving percussion and 80s synthesizers in its very catchy chorus. Inspired by Ariana Grande’s "Into You" and its short, sharp staccato rhythm, the artist’s powerful falsetto steals the show once more, delivering a hook packed with punch. "Oh and how she spreads all through my entangled mind. A Scent of Lily in my bed. Still left there from Sunday night", he sings as the striking piano enters the mix on the choruses repeat, creating a rich and warm texture.

Written three years ago, "A Scent of Lily" is the imagining of losing yourself in a relationship. "There are few people that make your life completely blank. The ones who divide your life into a ‘before’ and an ‘after", says the newcomer. The Swede has a wonderful way with words in a story where all his experiences shared with a significant other are magic.

"A Scent of Lily" oozes charm and as a listener it is hard not to become as heavily invested and infatuated in this track as Augustine is in his new found romance.

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You can watch the visuals and listen to the audio for "A Scent Of Lily" by Augustine below

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