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Under The Radar: 5 Tracks Released In March That You Need To Hear

Here are my top five picks for tracks released in March that you need to hear from artists that you may not know.

Under The Radar March Album Artwork
Ella Haber, GOLDS, Jude Rose, Shura, Tim Chadwick

The artists I feature in this series are spread across all corners of the world and certainly have bright futures ahead of them. This month I’ve selected singles ranging from dark R&B, to jazz/soul to pop. Here are my top five picks for tracks that you need to hear from artists that you may not know.

Ella Haber - "Clay"

It’s a brave and bold move for me to dub 20-year-old Ella Haber as the Australian Amy Winehouse and perhaps to do so would be unjust as she certainly has found her own sound and style.

The point I’m trying to make is that she is a refreshingly different, highly promising talent that all fans of the late, great Winehouse are going to adore.

Already making waves down under, it is only a matter of time before her music makes a splash in the UK/Europe and the rest of the world.

Haber caught my attention with her debut single "Old Friends" released in February and "Clay" is another strong offering, packed with soul, attitude and highly expressive and engaging lyrics.

The title track from her debut EP is similar in style to "You Sent Me Flying" by Winehouse and tells the story of a relationship ending between the narrator and her boyfriend.

The pair continue to see each other but only for fleeting sexual encounters to satisfy the referenced male, with the narrator seemingly unhappy and longing for something significantly more, yet also unable to cut ties and move on.

Striking lyrics such as "I’m not your rag doll, I’m not your toy" and "with those brutal words you say you mould me like a piece of clay" display Haber’s lyrical and storytelling prowess, with a seemingly effortless ability to connect and resonate with her audience.

Haber’s debut EP, "Clay", produced by the supremely talented London-based musician Jordan Rakei, is set for release on 26th April.

Follow Ella Haber on Instagram:

GOLDS - "Broken Wing"

GOLDS is a new musical project launched by Australian singer and actress Amali Golden and her first single is a fine example of well-produced mellow pop.

Those of you who are thinking her face looks familiar may recognise Golden from her cameo appearance in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. She has also starred in popular Australian TV shows ‘Home and Away’ and ‘Bloom’.

Turning our attention back to the music, if "Broken Wing" is a benchmark for what’s to come then Golden should turn her full attention to pursuing a music career.

Based in Sydney, she has plenty of industry experience, working as a session vocalist and keyboard player, touring with international artists including Craig David, Dua Lipa and Vance Joy.

"Broken Wing" is an emotional, electronic synth ballad with a narrative perfectly told by Golden’s smooth vocals.

The track’s central focus is that everything is not quite as it seems, trying to keep up appearances, as indicated by the lyrics: "You got the wrong impression of me, it ain’t like you see on TV, yeah I’m falling." This is possibly referring to Golden’s own personal experiences, struggling to cope in this particular chapter of her life but burying these emotions.

The track is made for re-listening, boasting a very catchy hook that is guaranteed to get you humming and singing along even after just a couple of listens (it certainly had this affect on me).

With her debut EP set for release later in 2019 this could prove to be a very significant and successful year for Golden and I’m excited to hear her next single.

Follow GOLDS on Instagram:

Jude Rose - "Before You Loved Me"

Jude Rose first caught my attention with his incredibly raw and honest debut single "Lose" back in January and his singles that have followed have certainly not disappointed.

The 27-year-old multi-instrumentalist from Chicago has crafted a unique and distinctive sound, creating sparse, dark, alternative R&B instrumentation infused with folk singer-songwriter inspired vocals.

Rose’s storytelling will certainly take you on a journey of deep contemplation while in a state of relaxation, particularly in his third release of the year.

"Before You Loved Me" is incredibly atmospheric, layered with beautiful, haunting harmonies which contrast the guitar feedback opening and unsettling syncopated drum rhythm that superbly carries the track in the second half.

Rose cites Daniel Caesar and Sabrina Claudio as significant musical inspirations, as well as Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan from a story-telling perspective. With reference to his own song-writing, he is particularly inspired by spaces.

Now residing in California, Rose is one to watch in 2019 and has big ambitions, targeting to release a new single on the 22nd day of each month, so stay tuned for plenty more emotionally charged, absorbing tracks.

Follow Jude Rose on Instagram:

Shura - "BKLYNLDN"

Alexandra Lilah Denton, better known as Shura, is an alternative pop/synth-pop singer-songwriter and producer from West London.

The 27-year-old is a huge talent and has previously collaborated with Mura Masa, Tracey Thorn and most recently with Tourist on the pretty single "Love Theme", taken from his new album released in February.

That collaboration marked her return to music, three years on from the release of her debut album "Nothing’s Real", which peaked at number 13 in the UK Albums Chart.

Her brand new single "BKLYNLDN", also known as "Brooklyn London", is truly a musical marvel that will blow you away.

A track that never settles, Shura’s choice of instrumentation and song structure always keeps surprising you yet still flows naturally in a way that is still recognisably pop.

"BKLYNLDN" opens with a sparse strings intro, with each chord that is played being followed by a few seconds of unnerving but captivating complete silence. This deliberate ploy is brave but highly refreshing, drawing you in to sit back and enjoy this record.

Predominantly a smooth, synthpop ballad, the story focuses on two lovers uniting despite living so far away and the magic that their meeting brings into the narrator’s life.

The middle-8 packs a real punch and distinct change-up, transforming into a groovy, funk track, beautifully topped off with the introduction of a sweet saxophone melody and an irresistible liquid synth riff.

I urge you all to stop what you’re doing and listen to this track with no distractions and become completely lost and immersed in the sound of Shura.

Follow Shura on Instagram:

Tim Chadwick - "I Need to Know"

Irish singer Tim Chadwick is back with his first release of 2019 and it’s another sparkling electronic pop song to add to his increasingly strong catalogue of songs.

The Dublin native artist certainly knows how to write an appealing hook, as evident in his pop hit "Belong", which has garnered over 4 million streams on Spotify and my personal favourite track, "Tell Me That".

Chadwick’s lyrics are profoundly honest, depicted perfectly in this sad yet upbeat track as the narrator goes through the motions in their latest relationship.

"I Need to Know" tackles anxiety in a relationship, trying to instil self-confidence and having faith that your partner is as happy as you are.

These underlying themes, played out over a punchy dance beat designed to get you up and moving, make it a pleasing track for both the deeply engrossed as well as the casual listener.

Follow Tim Chadwick on Instagram:

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